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There are many major problems facing us and our planet.  Here are my proposed solutions for ten of them: 

  • 2nd Great Depression .... it's here and it's getting worse
  • Flooding .... kills more people than all other disasters combined
  • Pollution ... we're poisoning ouselves, our children, and our planet
  • Global Warming ..... rising temperatures & sea levels, dead coral reefs & ecosystems
  • Traffic ... we waste 20% of our lives sitting in traffic
  • Hunger ... starvation, death, suffering, dispair, stunted development
  • Healthcare ... we pay twice as much for half the results
  • Judgements ... bad decisions in our courts and in our sports
  • Federal Deficit ... $ 10 Trillion and going to $ 20 Trillion
  • Prisons ... 2,500,000 Americans in jail
  • Afganistan ... 600 dead and $ 250 B gone

Why?  Because I might just contribute to saving our Earth for my 10 year old son:




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