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VALUE  ENGINEERING     I love VE.  Start with a concept or design and make it better.   I have an unusally broad range of skills, a natural creativity, an outside-the box mindset, and I have never seen a project I couldn't make better.  Sadly, they're mostly the ones I've done.  I routinely visit the thousands of projects I've worked on.  They're kind of like my children.  I like to see how they're doing?  How I could have done it better (OK...YES... I always could have done it better)?


I'd like to show you some examples...but I have none.  I've tried to do VE and:

The Original Designer: "Oh, I thought of that too, but......"               won't admit his error!

The Contractor:  " Oh it's good idea, but....."                                      won't give back any money!


But I'm willing to try, try, try again.  For free.  I'll look over your project and make a VE proposal.  If it works, I get 10% of the savings.  And no work?  Den no need pay!





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