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The Concentrating Solar Collector is a modification of a Sterling Engine Solar Dish.  The frame is built from inner tubes (1) and the Sterling Engine replaced with a Heat Target (2).  The inner tubes are covered with a Mylar film (3).  The low-cost CSC is anchored in a water pond (4) and ballst pumps (5) direct the sunlight onto the heat target.  A layer of molton salt at 700° F (6) stores the energy produced and layers of glass beads (7) insulate the pond from heat loss.  Molton salt is pumped through the target (8) to capture heat.  An existing coal/oil power plant (9) is converted to use the heat energy to power steam turbines with the molton salt piped through the plant (10).  And electricity (11) exits the plant  24/7 for less than 5¢/Kw-Hr.  

CSC Video @    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfUMuakpgrY


And might as well place Heliwinds on the SCS site and store their energy output in the salt layer. 



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