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U.S. Health Care System 


It's Broken        The United States is alone among developed nations with the absence of a universal health care system.  It costs $6,600/person/year.  Twice the OEDC average.  World ranking 37th!  Over 50 million uninsured. 60% of all personal bankruptcies caused by catastrophic health care bills!   Broken.

 WHY?       First, it's really a SICKNESS system.  It rewards servicing sick people: with tests, procedures, surgeries, drugs.   Many of them unnecessary, but profitable.  It should be a WELLNESS system, rewarding health providers when they keep us healthy. It doesn't.  Second, there are too many $1M/year executives denying healthcare benefits (e.g. State Farm’s Medical Claims Review Service or $ 50K bonuses for a profitable rescission).  And too much of our healthcare resources used to extend painful terminal illnesses.  And too few incentives for preventative care or PCP’s. National Drug Plans written by the drug companies for the drug companies.  New drugs at $ 100/pill.  New miracle treatments that will extend your life for a week.... for only $1 million!

 SOLUTION   Don't reinvent the wheel. Choose the best national healthcare system out there.  Let’s start with France’s .... with their 90% + approval rating and a $ 3,600/person/year cost.  Copy the best parts from them and make it work here.  A single-payer system... just like Medicare.  Everyone covered.  PERIOD!  And make sure our doctors are in charge!  Here's a simple checklist: will the Proposed Plan cut our national health care costs 40% and cover everyone?  NO?!  Then it's a piece of junk.   To get started, simple send a Medicare Card to anyone under 65 who wants one.  Payment on a sliding scale.  No money?  It's free.  Lots of maney... $ 1,000/month.  Prefer private insurance?  Go ahead...your choice.  That solves the major issue: it covers everyone  with a voluntary single payer system.  Done in under 3 months.

 What won’t work is the proposed Democratic healthcare plan that embeds the same, lame, they’re-to-blame executives running our current system.  Would you like Bernie Madoff fixing our financial crisis?  Notice that the Democrats want $ 2 T more to fund a system already spending twice the OEDC average!!!!  No wonder their national symbol is a jackass.  Remember, our governments already pay 40% of our medical bills.  Why is it so hard to cover the rest?  Because "we have the best government money can buy".  So the AMA and the drug companies and the health insurance companies and the private hospitals go to Congress and buys them.  And then Congress works for them … and protects them … and not us.



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