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They’re made all the time.  In the criminal courts.   In the civil courts.   On TV.  During sporting events.  During elections.  Our current system is thousands of years old. Select a judge, a jury, a panel, a referee, an umpire or a voter. Present the evidence and ask for a vote.  Usually right, but occasionally wrong. Very wrong.  Here’s a better way.

Courts             Forget the jury. Let's have voters… millions of them.  Under the judge's supervision, the opposing sides prepare a video.  They show it on TV, YouTube, and/or e-mail it to anybody that's interested.  Then have a vote.  By phone, e-mail, snail mail or TV remote.  The better your voting record, the more your vote counts.  All judges get paid.  In the criminal courts, all costs (including the defense attorneys) paid by the government.  In civil cases, all costs paid by the loser.

TV                   American Idol for example.  Voting’s a mess.  Clean it up.  Weighted voting rights. One viewer one-vote.  By phone or TV remote. 

Sports             “Kill the ref”.  None.  Zero.  Nada. All decisions made by the viewers, those right there or watching on TV.  Weighted voting rights.  By cell phone (if you're there) or TV remote.  Also available for Instant Replay.

Voting             It shouldn't take all day to vote! You can transfer $10 million to your secret Swiss bank account on the Internet in seconds.  Voting should be that easy.  By phone, e-mail, snail mail or TV remote.


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