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SPACE    “The final frontier”  


The physical conquest of the universe should be the primary goal of humanity.  We are not alone in this universe. There are other life forms and civilizations out there. We need to go out and meet them there before they meet us here. History has not been kind to primitive civilizations meeting advanced ones.  If it’s Gene Roddenbury’s Vulcans, we’re probably OK. If it’s  HG Well’s Martians, we’re toast.

Most of the doomsday scenarios are in space: asteroids, gamma ray bursts, black holes, super-novas. If we’re out there, we might stop them.  And then there are a few right here. For example, 75,000 years ago the Toba super-volcano eruption almost killed us all. And there are viruses and killer bacteria (natural and man-made) .  And Nuclear War.   And Sky-Net.  And mad scientists.   When scientists told General Groves the Trinity explosion could destroy the Earth, he said: “Do it anyway!”  Same with the H-bomb.  When scientists told CERN LHC it could destroy the Earth, they said: “Do it anyway!”.  Planned for Spring, 2010.

As long as we all live here on this one planet, we as a species are at risk of extinction.  We must colonize other worlds to ensure our survival.  Here’s what we need:

Launch Vehicle             Here's how to reduce launch costs 80% and increase reliability to 99%.

Space Elevator               Here's how to reduce launch costs 99% and increase reliability to over 99.9%.

Earth to the Moon        Here's how to get to the moon in 6 days for only $ 250 a pound.

StarShip            Here's how to reach the stars and back in only 10 years. By 2040! That’s only 30 years away.

Warp Drive     We need the power of the galaxy for this to work.  Probably several hundred years away.


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