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1)      I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth… The Intelligent Designer.

2)      I believe there’s no evidence that the hand of God guides this universe… Deism.

3)     I believe in an intrinsic duality in our existence.  Yin-Yang.  Positive-negative.  Matter-antimatter.  And two Gods.  God and anti-God.

4)     I believe in Black Holes.  Time here and anti-time there.  On the other side of the event horizon.  Another universe, going back in time.  An anti-verse.  With God.  AntiGod is here with us, wrapped up inside dark energy and dark matter.

5)     I believe that before the Big Bang, there was no time or space.  Just pure intelligent energy.  That separated into God and AntiGod.  And when they disagreed 13.7 billion years ago, BOOM!  Universe and anitverse.

6)     I believe that as God left this universe, He created the Laws of the Universe.  These Laws allowed for Carbon… the most incredible atom.  God’s element.  The foundation of life.  In any Goldilocks’ world, He knew carbon will form life. 

7)     I believe He knew life will evolve into intelligence.  Not specifically us, just generally us.  And others.  Lots of others.

8)     I believe in 10,000 years or so we will evolve into pure energy beings.

9)     I believe in 500,000,000 years or so we will control all matter and energy in the universe and the antiverse.  And resolve the original conflict, reuniting God and antiGod. 

10)  And  I believe that we, Homo sapiens sapiens, can become that original pure intelligent energy.

Hopefully, for a simple, peaceful, non-temporal existence.  Or we will return to Step 5 and try again.  I believe  this is our destiny.  Unless some other alien civilization beats us to it.  (And I know, it’s all very teleological.)


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