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From Earth to the Moon          The Earth Space Elevator sweeps out a CCW path (1) titled 23.4° to the ecliptic every day.  The Lunar Space Elevator is 216,000 miles long, and sweeps out a CCW path (2) once a month, slightly above the ecliptic.  At the ESE GeoStationary Platform (3), an 11,000 mile diameter Launch Loop (4) rotates CCW at 0.08 RPM.  A Lunar Transfer Module (not shown) magnetically attaches to the LL, travels up the loop, decelerating to 240 MPH at the top.  This matches the orbital speed of the LSE Counterweight (5).  The LTM releases from the LL and is captured by the LSE.  To match orbital paths of the LTM and the LSECW, the LSE is tilted downward 1.5° (5).

On Lunar Day 21 (Day 7 similar), the LSE is tilted upward 1.5° (6) to avoid a collision between the ESE and LSE.  Again, this aligns the LSECW with the release point of the LTM.  Travel time estimate: Earth to the ESEGSP + 24 hrs; ESEGSP to LSECW + 30 hours; LSECW to the Moon + 140 hrs = 6 days.  Costs for the entire system: $ 75 B.  Cost to get a pound to and from the moon = $ 250.


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