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Most people want to save energy (and their money).  They just don't know how.  Sure, there are  green websites, pamphlets, TV blurbs and Time Magazine that tell them how, but it just doesn't stick.  What we need is person-to-person instruction.  FREE.  Paid for by the Federal, State and Local governments.  Trained Conservation Agents to meet one-on-one and explain how to conserve.   Here's four proposals:


Tire Agent    The Tire Agent visits approved parking lots: at shopping malls, offices, condos, gas stations, etc.  He has a portable tire inflator.  If the car has the Tire Agent Sticker on it (e.g.  "TAS 38 PSI"), he checks/inflates the tires.  Let's see how that might work:  250 M cars in the US.  Do half every year = 125 M.   Each Agent does 20 cars an hour, 6 hrs a day = 30,000 cars/year.  Therefore, we need 4,500 Tire Agents.  Mileage improvement = 3% max, 1% average @ 10,000 miles/year @ 15 mpg @ $ 4/gal = $ 26 savings per car.  Net savings = $ 750,000/year/agentSpeaking as an engineer, that's a pretty good cost/benefit ratio.  Gas stations won't like it, but how many times have you dropped $ 0.50 into their air machine and only managed to inflate two of your four tires?


Car Agent    These agents would work at the approved gas stations.  When a car pulls in for gas, the agent offers a FREE performance test.  He hooks up portable exhaust analyzer, and in only 60 seconds, hands the driver a printout:  "You need a tune-up;  you need a new air filter; you need new spark plugs.....If you do this, you can save $ 500 a year in gasoline!".  Let's see:  250 M cars in the US.  Do half every year = 125 M.   Each agent does 10 cars an hour, 6 hrs a day = 15,000 cars/year.  We need 9,000 Car Agents.  Mileage improvement = 40% max, 10% average @ 10,000 miles/year @ 15 mpg @ $ 4/gal = $ 250/car.  Net savings = $ 3.8 M/year/agent!  While the customer pumps his gas, the Car Agent discusses good driving techniques.  Here's one I like:  "Always drive as if you have a raw egg under your foot.  Press lightly on the gas and brake!"  The Agent gives the driver a white plastic egg to hang on his rear-view mirror.


Business Agent        Visits businesses, especially the large energy users.  Looks over their energy use and recommends improvements.  Once ain't enough.  Visit again to review progress.  Wait six months, go back again for follow up.  The Energy Consultants won't like this one, so the Govmint pays them for their initial visit, and maybe they get a contract to implement the recommendations?  Could cost millions, but would save billions. 


House Agent    Visits residences.  Examines ways to save.  Has a box of CFL's (only $ 1/each!).  Wan't to cut shower costs in half?  Install a quick on/off valve at the shower head (Agent has several with him ... only $10).  Check out 101 ways to save Energy.  Could cost millions, but would save billions.  http://www.powerhousetv.com/stellent2/groups/public/documents/pub/phtv_se_000498.hcsp



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