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HeliTube .... 09/15/08

The HeliWind concept, a rotating buoyant balloon, could be 1,000 times more effective when installed in strong ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream or Oyashio Current.  I'll call it a HeliTube.

HeliTubes could be anchored in ocean depths of 10,000 feet on drag lines 20 miles long.  With drag lines spaced a ½ mile apart and HeliTubes attached at 2,000 feet on center, each drag line could hold 50 HeliTubes.  Along the eastern seaboard, the Gulf Stream is 30 miles wide and 1,000 miles long: 150,000 HeliTubes could be located there alone.  Once hooked onto the drag line, the HeliTubes would inflate themselves with fresh water using reverse osmosis.  The bio-stimulation of these units could help repair the damage to the oceans from commercial over fishing.  As fish stocks rebuild, the jobs of installing and maintaining these units could provide the commercial fishing fleet with much needed employment .

       HeliTube Video @    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltxa8mkl51Q


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